Midweek Roundup


Happy Wednesday, folks! Woo-hoo!–the temperature is finally cooler! I actually slept with a blanket last night (insert the Hallelujah chorus). In other news, Election Day is coming up (November 4), and we’re halfway through the second week of early voting. I voted last week and for the first time EVER, I got pounced. The moment I stepped out of my car, a concerned parent of the independent school district immediately told me why she thinks it’s a good idea to vote for the school bond (sure, because she has a kid who’s in that school district). After she was done talking, a college student (had to be early, early 20s) explained to me the logical reason why it would be disastrous to vote for the school bond. And while this young kid was talking, a parent (not the one who first spoke to me) from the other side of the parking lot starts hollering over the young kid’s speech with words of “he’s lying!”, “they’re paying him to say that!”, “that’s not true!”. It was a circus. I don’t even live in that school district. But I didn’t tell them that.

All righty then! Time for this week’s roundups…from my inbox to your desktop (or phone).

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