Wedding Invitations: Kristen & Joshua

A friend asked me if I would design her wedding invitation.  I was delighted to be asked, so I told her it would be my pleasure. Her upcoming nuptials is coordinated by her mother, who is a professional wedding coordinator, and herself. These ladies have a terrific eye for design, and they know how to find excellent bargains.

Kristen’s color palette for her wedding consists of browns, such as chocolate and latte, and blush pink. When she described her wedding décor, the items that stood out to me where the designs of her wedding cake which will feature ornamental scrolls, rhinestones, damask and roses.  She also said that lace will be featured in the decoration of the reception.  With that in mind I wanted to create an invitation that will compliment her wedding style and gorgeous cake.

No. 1

Kristen expressed to me that she loved wedding invitations that featured elaborate scrolls. With this invitation I found an ornamental scroll design that compliments the script font she likes.

No. 2

With this design I found a lovely circular frame and incorporated their initials within it.

No. 3

I wanted to try a design with lace. Off-setting it to one side adds a simple and elegant touch.

No. 4

This one makes me think of Shabby Chic. I found the peony artwork and wanted to experiment with incorporating it into the invitation design. My friend loves peony, and it will be one of the flowers in her bouquet.

No. 5

I created the background using the watercolor brush tool in Adobe Illustrator; I also created the bouquets using Illustrator.

No. 6

Using the bouquets and lace from previous designs, I was inspired with the idea of petals being scattered and framing the bride and groom’s name. I think it would be a lovely touch to use real lace in place of the artwork lace to add some texture.

No. 7

Ah…damask…and rhinestones. I was inspired by scrapbooking.

No. 8

With this piece I tried to incorporate as much of my friend’s wedding elements into the design. It gives it a scrapbooking kind of look.

These are the comps. Kristen and her mother have reviewed the designs and have already selected her favorite one. Next time I will post updates on the final look of her invitation and the other pieces that accompany her invitation packet.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Invitations: Kristen & Joshua

  1. Your artwork is so beautiful and those templates are stunning! It goes without saying what s brilliant friend you are and how hsppy any bride would be to be presented those options 🙂

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