Top My Toast: Fig & Ginger Jam

Last Christmas Williams-Sonoma sent me a catalog in the mail. I don’t often shop at that store, but I do love to pop in, take a look around and taste their samples. Williams-Sonoma is a lovely store; I like how they arrange things and showcase their latest kitchen gadget and china pattern. Christmas and Easter are the best times to poke around in their store.  All the specialty items are in full array: the molded marshmallows, tins of hot chocolate, daisy shaped bundt pans, pastel colored jelly beans. They make the holidays festive, and they make me want everything in their store–even though I know I don’t have a need for every single gadget.

The Kitchen Aide mixer stand in fire engine red. The shiny silver espresso maker with all the gleaming buttons and levers. Baking pans for Madeleines, popovers, brioches. A soda maker. A frozen yogurt maker. A bread machine. Those are the items on my unspoken wish list. But there is simply no room in my humble–but ever so cozy–home for all those things.

I digress.

In the Christmas catalog Williams-Sonoma featured specialty food items in addition to all their nifty machines. Their product section listed a few jams and mixes by Stonewall Kitchen. One of the jams I clearly remember seeing was their roasted garlic onion jam. Who ever heard of such a jam?? It sounded divine!–I love onions and garlic. How creative of them, I thought.

The other day I stopped by my favorite grocery store. It’s high end but it has everything one could want that is edible. To my delight they carried a shelf full of jams by Stonewall Kitchen. Sure enough I spotted the roasted garlic onion jam. However, I didn’t pluck the jar and drop it into my basket. Some other time. That afternoon I was looking for a jam I could savor during breakfast with a bold cup of coffee. Nothing too sweet; the typical fruit jams didn’t interest me. Blueberry might have held sway, but I’ve had good blueberry jam before. With Stonewall Kitchen I wanted to experience something different. And there in front of me was fig and ginger jam. You know, I’ve never tasted a fresh fig. I’ve had Fig Newtons, but obviously that’s not in the same ballpark. I’m a big fan of ginger, so it didn’t take long for me to decide on the jam. I was quite excited with my purchase.

The next morning I toasted a leftover biscuit (just to warm it up a bit) and multi-grain slice of bread. I poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down and spread some of that fig and ginger jam onto my warmed biscuit. Oh, it was delicious! The flavor was robust, figgy with a complimentary note of ginger–not over powering.  It was the perfect taste combination, a bit of sweet with a subdued note of a bitey tang. I do have to say that I prefer it better spread on biscuit than toast–and that’s saying quite a lot because I love my toast. The non-crispy, crumbly nature of the biscuit pairs very well with the jam and its decadent chunks of fig.

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