Cherry Pie Celebration

Sometimes I just feel like celebrating. No particular reason other than feeling happy and content. When I feel like celebrating I feel like baking. So, when I came home from work the other day I already had pie on my mind (the night before I had spied a can of cherries in the pantry). I love making pie crust. It’s satisfying to see the dough coming together, and I quite enjoying rolling it out. Most of the pie crust recipes I encounter instructs one to add flour, salt and cubed butter into a food processor and then let the machine do the work. But I don’t have a food processor. Hence the handy dandy pastry blender. And it takes up so little space!

Anyway, back to the pie crust. It really is quite simple. All you need is flour, salt and chilled (unsalted) butter (and I add a bit of sugar) and iced water. In regards to butter, whenever I go to the grocery store I do a quick pass by the butter section. Even if I already have butter, if there is a sale on butter I go ahead and pick up a block. One can never have too much butter on hand (and flour and sugar). Once the ingredients for the crust is mixed and the butter is incorporated until you see pea-sized clumps of butter and flour, then it’s time to put aside the pastry blender and take out a fork. Add the iced water a tablespoon at a time and mix (using the fork) after each addition. I don’t know exactly how much iced water to add; I just add enough for the dough to form. The dough will be sticky but not full of liquid. It’s dryer than biscuit dough and certainly no where near pancake batter consistency.

I dust the dough with flour and form it into a ball. For a top and bottom crust, I halve the dough into two discs before wrapping them in plastic and putting them into the fridge for an hour or two.

I baked the cherry pie into a small Le Creuset dish and took it into work to share with a couple of coworkers who just returned home from vacation.

Ah, I was so absorbed eating that I forgot to take a picture of a cut slice of pie.

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