Breakfast: Cinnamon Donuts with Nutella

I’ve been wanting to make donuts, although I’m not thrilled about the thought of deep frying them.

During Thanksgiving I made zeppole with an orange chocolate dipping sauce. The zeppole had to be deep fried, and I didn’t have a deep fryer. Even though I bought a thermometer it didn’t help me, because I didn’t know how to gauge heating oil on the stovetop. After the first three or five lovely zeppoles, the others plumped quickly into beautiful golden brown puffs of fried dough only to be gooey on the inside. Oh well, it was worth a try.

So when I stumbled upon and saw the recipe for baked cinnamon roll almond flour donuts, I had to try it. And what better day to try out a donut recipe than on a lazy Saturday morning?

I made some adjustments to the recipe though, using regular flour instead of almond flour. And for the topping I used Nutella spread, chopped almonds and coconut flakes. I didn’t have a donut tray, so I used my muffin tin.

These little guys turned out quite lovely.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast: Cinnamon Donuts with Nutella

  1. I am not usually a big fan of doughnuts but I have to admit these look good! Also, really nicely taken pictures of them. Particularly number 4!

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