Darkness & Light (Photography Series)

I used to take lots of pictures of clouds. Where I grew up clouds blossomed across the sky so that each day was a new scenery to admire. Once when I was flying to some city (I forgot when and where), we flew right into a gigantic cloud. It engulf us; as I peered out the window all I could see were clouds to the right and left, above and beneath. Then I encountered one of the most awesome sights I had ever viewed. The clouds we flew into were dark and thick as if a storm was brewing. Right there before my eyes was a cloud tower. It stretched up and down like a massive pillar. It was HUGE and so majestic. Its girth was enormous; it looked like an insane amount of smoke that was released from giant’s cauldron and was transfixed. It didn’t move; it didn’t roil or dissipate. It stood there, an awesome tower of curves and shadows.

A few days ago clouds drifted back into our neighborhood. Our land is one of plains and endless empty sky. When drifters float by I don’t pay much attention to them. Thin wisps that look like frail cheesecloths. It’s when the bulky Cumulus appear that I often find myself staring above with my mouth agape in awe. This time I remembered to use my cameras. So now I’ve captured several pictures of them: white pillows basking in a sea of blue, pouting gray puffs. I’ve also captured images of lights at night and lights during morning. I like how they play off of each other.

All images ยฉ2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

7 thoughts on “Darkness & Light (Photography Series)

  1. Sriprae what a beautiful post!! Love your story and pictures and they are so nicely presented too. That has made my afternoon!!

    • Thank you very much! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Morning and nightfall are so spectacular; I love the soft shadows of evening and flickering lights of the city. What remains is to capture a sunrise or sunset at the beach…oh, to be at the beach right now… ๐Ÿ™‚

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