Morning with Eggs Benny

My best friend’s favorite breakfast dish is Eggs Benedict. Whenever we get together at my place for breakfast I often make that for us to eat. I remember the first time I made Eggs Benedict; it was for my parents and my brother. I think I used the recipe from Back then Dad and I commuted to the city to work which was a two-hour drive one way. (Yes, it was insane, and I strongly don’t think I’ll ever do that again.) After work Friday we stopped at the grocery store on our way home, and I picked up the ingredients to make this indulgent breakfast. My brother loved Eggs Benedict, and up until that point I had never had it.

So, come Saturday morning when I poached the eggs and whisked the Hollandaise, my mother stood beside me in the kitchen watching and ready to lend a helping hand. We grilled ham steaks and toasted slices of sourdough bread. When it was all put together, I had by then realized that my timing for assembling all the ingredients was off. The ham had to wait for the eggs, and the eggs had to wait for the sauce. But overall it was delicious. I was pleased that my family enjoyed it, and that was when I discovered that I, too, am quite fond of Eggs Benedict.

By now I am better acquainted with how to orchestrate the timing of the eggs and sauce. I also prefer (turkey) bacon over ham steaks and French country wheat over sourdough for toast. This version I dub as Eggs Benny. It’s delicious, it’s messy, and it gets eaten up very quickly.

I enjoyed my Eggs Benny with coffee by Cafe Bustelo. This was the second time I purchased that brand. Usually I prefer Illy–I still favor it but for $15 a tin…I’m cutting back, or at least saving Illy for special occasions or when I feel the need for pampering. Cafe Bustelo is only $5 a tin, AND it has great robust flavor without the heavy aftertaste lingering upon the tongue. It’s a steal in my book.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

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