An Experiment at Self-Portraiture (Photographic Series)

The idea took root and grew after I read this post. Armed with my iPhone and Instagram I posed in front of the windows so that the afternoon sun shone brightly but softly through the white curtains in the background. Once I had enough pictures I downloaded them to my computer, set them all to black and white, assembled the contact sheets and then played around with a few images, adjusting the exposure levels in Photoshop (just a teensy tweak).

I quite like the grainy look of the black-and-whites.

With the image above I only used the Instagram filter; this one was not tweaked in Photoshop.

For the images directly above and below I adjusted the exposure levels in Photoshop.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

10 thoughts on “An Experiment at Self-Portraiture (Photographic Series)

  1. Great job of self portraiture Sriprae! They are presented so well and the compositions are really interesting!

    • Thank you, Peter! Technology is a beautiful–and such fun–thing. 🙂
      I’ve discovered that purchasing those white curtains serve not only to make the room pretty, but they’ve doubled for a nice photo shoot backdrop.

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