To The Farmers Market We Go (Photo Shoot Pt.1)

My friend (fashionista and fellow graphic designer & photographer), CK, and I devoted an entire Saturday to snapping pictures and striking poses. Our goal was to do a photo shoot at various locations near her place. I packed my bags with changes of outfits, accessories and shoes and arrived at her house around 10:30 AM. Our first location was the Farmers Market where we walked around, smelled summer peaches and sat in the shade.

We had loads of fun that morning, even though it was sweltering. By the end of the day we had accumulated hundreds of images. She used a Canon 7D, and I used a Sony NEX-C3. We finished by 8 PM, and I was exhausted. However, we both had such blast and were so very pleased with our photo shoot project.

Throughout this week I would like to share with you images from our various shoots.

5 thoughts on “To The Farmers Market We Go (Photo Shoot Pt.1)

  1. Gorgeous images, love the dresses from that sunshine yellow and your cute florals, it makes me really wish it were warmer here! The produce is so lovely and i am so smitten with those rustic buckets and baskets which the fruits & potatoes sat in. I wish I could shop like that everyday 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Alice! 🙂 I think those baskets would be great for your food shots. Perhaps they could showcase a lovely bundle of purple carrots or beets or turnips or apples, etc. Oooohhhh, do you make apple butter?

  2. Sriprae glad to see you out in the the sunshine enjoying a nice Saturday! Very delicious looking fruit!! 🙂

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