Downtown Gelato Love

My mom and brother were in town for a few days. It wasn’t a vacation sort of trip. I was working an event, and they came down for it. Busy days.

During our off-hours we strolled downtown, grabbing sandwiches and burgers for lunch one day at Oliver’s. My brother is a lover of Jamba Juice, so naturally we meandered towards that direction and he picked up a strawberry surf rider. Mom though is very fond of frozen yogurt from Yumilicious. We stopped there to get her favorite flavor, avocado.

Later that evening we headed out for ice cream; it was just Mom and me.

To our surprise we discovered the old ice cream shop was replaced by Paciugo, a tiny but cute gelato shop.

Mom ordered a cone of pistachio, and I chose a one of vanilla lavender. I fell in love.

Vanilla lavender gelato. Sublime. Subtle. Soft. Fragrant. Refreshing.

I was so smitten I went back the next day and got it again before we had to say good-bye.

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