The Cactus (in pictures)

A group of us from the office went to The Cactus to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. The restaurant was fairly new and located in a small town on the far outskirts of the big city. The kind of small town with abandoned buildings, signs with peeled paint, and a little country church. Several of our coworkers had already tried The Cactus and raved about it. And now the rest of us will have the chance to experience their ‘authentic Mexican’ cuisine. Here are pictures I snapped using my iPhone.

Their salsa was spicy enough to open one’s sinuses.

Fajita steak tacos. The meat was tender and flavorful. Perfection.

Overall we had a very good time. In between bites of food and laughter, we didn’t mind too much that the section we sat was not well air conditioned. It is the peak of summer after all. But when one is enjoying delicious food, all other discomforts melt away (except in cases when one is suffering from nausea or a fierce headache).

2 thoughts on “The Cactus (in pictures)

  1. Sriprae yet again you are making me hungry!!! If this place wasn’t several thousand miles away I’d want to make a visit!! 🙂

    • Ha ha 🙂
      If only technology was more advanced, right? Then we could transport from one side of the world to another in a jiffy…in time for dinner! 🙂

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