Long Days Ahead But There’ll Be Quinoa

Happy Monday!

Here we are starting a brand new week again. The weekend goes by too quickly. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy them so much. There’s always something to do that I enjoy. Saturday morning I lingered over breakfast of quinoa porridge with blueberries and almonds while reading the NYTimes. Then I spent the rest of my morning working on my friend’s wedding invitations. The next half of my day I spent collaborating with another friend over a new logo design. Before I knew it dusk had settled.

Sunday morning I finished the wedding invitations and made quinoa porridge for breakfast. (It has become my new favorite breakfast.) Then I vacuumed and did laundry. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing my meals for the week ahead. Starting today our office implemented a new work-week schedule for the rest of summer in order to conserve energy. We’ll work four days and get Fridays off. That meant I woke up one hour earlier today and will leave work one hour later. Most likely I won’t be in the mood to spend my evenings cooking, hence the prepared meals.

As I mentioned, quinoa porridge has become my new favorite. Thanks to this post on Simple Provisions I learned how fabulous quinoa can be for breakfast.  As Amelia on Simple Provisions noted, quinoa is much lighter than oats. It’s filling but at the same time one doesn’t feel ladened.

I like to make two cups worth, which is enough to last me the entire week. Since this can be prepared ahead of time, getting breakfast in the morning is a breeze…making it possible for me to linger a few minutes more over my coffee.

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