Of Herbs & Summer

When summer blossoms it becomes sweltering. Where my parents live the air hangs heavy with humidity. Oftentimes at night there would be electrical storms. A clap of thunder could rattle the windows and drown out the songs of cicadas and crickets. Sometimes the summer winds would stir up dust on the gravel roads.

Early evenings were often the best time to go for walks. One can enjoy the beauty of a purple-tinged sunset or follow the zig-zag flight of dragonflies. During these walks I would get lost in my thoughts. And if I passed the cows behind the barb-wired fence, they would eye me with solemn attention.

There’s a patch of land where Mom planted peach, apple, plum and cherry seeds. It has become her little orchard, and she would go out during the early evenings to water them. She also grew potted herbs on the front porch: Thai basil, mint, rosemary and oregano.

Sometimes Dad’s coworker would bring him vegetables from their garden. Tomatoes and cucumbers mainly. Mom and I would often snack on plain cucumbers that have been chilled. Dad would enjoy sliced tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper.

I bought some herbs and vegetables from market last weekend to prepare an herb salad. These produce are beautiful. They inspired me to photograph them, some still glistening with water droplets.

I also infused some mint and sliced cucumbers into a carafe of water for a refreshing thirst quencher on a hot summer day.

2 thoughts on “Of Herbs & Summer

  1. All gorgeous and simply stunning for summer. I too had a day of delight with our little veggie friends and I really appreciate the simplicity and delight of beautiful, unadulterated flavours.

    I can almost feel the sunshine through your gorgeous pictures too…

    • Thank you, Alice. 🙂 I’m sure your day of delight produced something very delicious.
      Here’s to the beauty and simplicity of nature’s bounty.

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