My Take on Ramen

The past week I’ve sort of been under the weather. No fevers just allergy symptoms and a headache that persisted for three days. It sapped my energy, but thankfully I had a three-day weekend thanks to our newly implemented work schedule for the summer. In order to conserve energy the staff had been asked to work four 10-hour days rather than five eight-hour days. Hence, we get Friday added to our weekend. It’s a fair trade, although it was a tough transition for me since I wasn’t at my peak health. Nevertheless, the extra day off afforded me more time to rest my body, and rest my body I did.

Last Friday I got out of bed at 11 am and feebly made toast for breakfast. Soon I began to feel much better. It’s so good to feel good. Usually on Friday afternoons I would be racing to the grocery store with list in hand of ingredients for meals I want to prepare. Not last Friday. With temperatures soaring well over 100 degrees, I remained indoors in the comfortable environs of my air conditioned home. Even though I did feel much much better, I wasn’t up to cooking anything. Zilch. Nada. Soup sounded so comforting, but I didn’t have any on hand. Wait a minute…aha!

In my pantry I had the necessary components to throw together my take on ramen. Oh, ramen. It brings back memories of after school noodle soup and budget meals during university days.

To make my take on instant raman, I use pre-packaged miso soup packets consisting of a dry ingredients pouch (seaweed, tofu, etc.) and the seasoning pouch (which comes in paste form). I also use dried egg noodles. To flavor the miso broth even more I use a bit of chili garlic sauce and hoisin sauce. And that constitutes my soup.

The rest of my evening was spent nestled on the sofa watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. A lovely production.

Are you enjoying the Olympic games?

3 thoughts on “My Take on Ramen

  1. Love that you’ve found a beautiful alternative to instant ramen without sacrificing the time saving bit! These delicious noodles look a Billion times better than the regular kind and of course, your images are divine as always.

    I missed the opening ceremony in its entirety, luckily there’s YouTube so I got to see some of the favourite snippets… 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Alice! 🙂 Dried egg noodles to the rescue!–and in your words “without sacrificing the time saving bit!” Indeed. I’m glad you got to catch snippets of the opening ceremony on YouTube. Handy thing that YouTube. 😉 The Queen and James Bond skit…tops.

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