The Munchies (from crispy to creamy)

Sometimes I just crave a snack. Not a meal. Something I can pull out of the fridge or pantry to satisfy the munchies. That state of being where one is not excessively hungry but would like to nibble on something in the meantime.

Recently the munchies struck while I spent Saturday afternoon watching the USA women’s volleyball team play South Korea. I don’t normally document my snacks in pictures, but since the lighting was so beautiful I thought why not. There were no tortilla chips and guacamole in the house, but I did have some lovely multigrain crispbread by Wasa (that’s simply what they are, cracker-like crispbread made up of multiple grain flour without additives or sugars) and hummus and apples.

Later in the afternoon or early evening, the sweet tooth craving kicked in.

Perfect time to open the new container of Talenti Gelato. Salted caramel.

I’ve been searching for this particular one for a while and was delighted to discover it one fine day in my neighborhood market.

8 thoughts on “The Munchies (from crispy to creamy)

    • Thank you, Alice! The day after you told me you brought props from Ikea I had gone to Anthropologie to see what lovely items they had available. I saw those cute glasses and snatched two for my collection. ๐Ÿ™‚

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