An Evening in Sundance

The craving for vanilla lavender gelato struck once again. When such craving knocks at my door…I text my friend and suggest we visit downtown.

And what a lovely evening it was, too! On the weekends Sundance Square in Fort Worth is laid back and packed with people strolling the walkways, families with kids in tow eating ice cream, cars lined up for valet parking at the signature Reata restaurant. The symphony, opera, theatre, musicals and comedy clubs are all within mere blocks of each other. There’s a lovely chocolate store that sells house made and house molded specialty chocolates. With it being Fort Worth there are a lot of boutiques that sell luxury western wear: boots, Stetsons, rhinestone belt buckles, leather goods. These things aren’t cheap. Boots can cost $600 or more. Designer clothing for the cowboy/cowgirl aficionado can be as much as what one would pay at a Neiman Marcus store.

And there are the horse drawn carriages for those who want a leisurely ride around the square.

On this evening the temperature hadn’t dipped much, but with the sun waning it helped make it bearable to venture outdoors. By the time we reached Paciugo Gelato the tiny place was packed with customers. Once my friend and I ordered our vanilla lavender we found a table outside and enjoyed our refreshing treat. Good thing we came when we did, because more and more people streamed into Paciugo until all the outdoor tables were taken. So they all congregated outside, licking their cones or spoons and watched carriages, cars and pedestrians pass by.

Another thing about Sundance Square that I love is that they entwine their tree branches with lights. Come evening all the trees glow with happy, festive lights. It just makes me smile.

Our trip to downtown is never complete until we go to Barnes & Noble. We might not purchase a book, but we’ll always browse and thumb through the latest and greatest release or whatever tickles our fancy.

Ah…overall, a very lovely evening.

©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

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