More Berries, Please!

As if the blackberry cobbler I baked over the weekend wasn’t enough. Before the last crumb was eaten I was already planning another cobbler. Blueberry cobbler.

Yes, I had missed the flavor of summer blackberries, but once that craving was satisfied, I longed for blueberries. I would have to say blueberries are my favorite berries to cook. Blueberry pie, blueberry cobbler, blueberry crumble…baked blueberries are just superb.

Yesterday I came home from work with one thing in mind: to bake. As the late afternoon sun waned and lazily began its descent, I quickly rinsed the berries and prepped them for a photo shoot. Amazing how just a bit of natural light can bring out such wonderful colors of the berries.

By the time the cobbler was baked it was dusk and no sunlight streamed through my window. Yet, the tin of the pan and the midnight purple of baked blueberries turned out lovely in these photos I think.

Was I ever glad I went ahead and baked another cobbler. I took some for lunch and enjoyed a bit of it after dinner.


©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “More Berries, Please!

  1. Although it would be great if I could eat all the food that you post, in a way its probably good that I can’t because I’d be a lot heavier!!! 🙂 Love blueberry!

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