Economizing My Pantry: (t)BKT

Of late I’ve gotten myself into a couple of situations where I realized I was extremely hungry but (alas!) there was nothing pre-prepared in my fridge. Argh. The only way to remedy that is either exert great patience while I fix a meal or run to the nearest fast food joint. Nope. I just can’t seem to make myself go to one of the numerous fast food franchises in my neighborhood. So that leaves me practicing patience while I scramble to put together a quicky meal.

One such meal was the (t)BKT. I’ve discovered a new love, you see. Baby kale. It’s the new lettuce for me. I buy them by the containers and have it for salad. Good-bye iceberg, so long romaine, until next time spinach. The star of the hour is baby kale. And I’ll buy it and eat it until I’m ready to move on.

So. While scrounging in my kitchen the other day I realized I could put a new twist to the BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich using baby kale and good ole turkey bacon. Without further ado, I pulled out the necessary ingredients from the fridge and got to work.

Within minutes (I had to fry the turkey bacon in the skillet), the sandwich was assembled and ready for consumption. Yum!

(t)BKT to the rescue!

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

6 thoughts on “Economizing My Pantry: (t)BKT

  1. Tasty looking stuff there! Turkey bacon is something I’ve heard of but yet to try here in Aus. I think Kale is the new wunderkind of the veggie world, so many people have a great spin on those ingredients and love that veggie. It reminds me of silverbeet here.

    Those busy weeks sure do creep up on us. I ‘be had prat tests and theory tests along with two assignments due for school. Makes it hard to actually cook ‘whilst’ I study cooking, lol the irony!

    • Thank you! I’ve not heard of silverbeet. Will need to look that up. As for turkey bacon, when I cook I prefer to use that since its less fat and less mess. However, when I order out, I go for the real deal. 🙂 Talk about a busy week, sounds like you’ve got your plate full. Best wishes on your tests and assignments. I’m cheering for you. I’m confident that you’ll do a superb job on all!

  2. I have never tried the baby kale leave. In Spain we use the not so baby leaves but we boil it because it can be quite rough and bitter. How does the baby ones taste? The Sandwich looks really delicious. Now I can see the difference between photos from last post and this one. I love your light as I have already said in a previous comment… 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the compliment. 🙂
      Baby kale is delightful. They have a firm texture like spinach. They are peppery but not quite like arugula. I do not detect a bitter flavor in baby kale. They are quite mild compared to spinach. I enjoy them in sandwiches because they have more substance than ordinary lettuce. When you try them, let me know your opinion of them. 🙂

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