Restaurant Week: The Capital Grille

Late afternoon sunlight still lingered even though it was actually early evening. We handed the keys to the valet and walked up steps flanked by stone lions. The silver door handle gleamed against the glass doors. In the entry hall both walls were lined with what looked like very modern footlockers. Silver square doors spotted with tiny symmetric circular holes. What on earth? It wasn’t until on the way out I noticed that behind these numerous square doors were bottles of wine.

We were led to a booth against a dark paneled wall. Little lamps adorned each table, lending a soft welcoming glow. (Not great lighting for taking pictures but great for a lovely atmosphere.) Our server was Lety, a bubbly and friendly girl who explained to us with enthusiasm how each dish here is prepared fresh, that each cut of meat is hand sculpted in-house. She also informed us that the prime rib was also available for order. We asked her why was it not listed on the Restaurant Week menu. She answered that this item was only offered in Fort Worth. Ah!

We both ordered the Caesar Salad. I chose the Filet Mignon while my friend seized the opportunity for Prime Rib. Our entrees came with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, served family style. For our meals we decided on a glass of merlot. For dessert I chose the flourless chocolate espresso cake, and my friend decided on  the creme brulee.

The steaks were thick, juicy, flavorful, delicious. Oh, so delicious. What joy! Every bite was a celebration.

Midway through our meal Lety apologetically informed us that the kitchen ran out of creme brulee. She brought us the restaurant’s full dessert menu and gave us the option to choose whatever we would like. Decisions, decisions! My friend chose the Strawberries Captial Grille with fresh vanilla ice cream. It was strawberries richly marinated in port wine and Grand Marnier. Superb! I still went with the espresso cake. Rich! Oh so rich!

A very happy and delicious evening!


All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Week: The Capital Grille

    • 🙂 Mission accomplished then.
      Yes!!–if you’re ever in Fort Worth I highly recommend The Capital Grille; you’ll receive impeccable service, deliciously tender steaks (I haven’t had their seafood, yet), and lovely sweets that are not over-poweringly sugary. (Is poweringly a word? Hmmm. For now it is.)

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