Simple Strawberry Tart

I had purchased a container of mascarpone cheese with every intention of making a tart…a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t until this weekend that I finally got around to it.

After having taken my car to the garage to get the oil changed I stopped at the grocery store on my way home to pick up some strawberries.

I didn’t want to commit a lot of time into making a tart. Quite honestly I have been in such a lazy mood.

The less amount of dishes that get stacked into the sink by the end of the day, the better the day ends up being. Yes, I have a dishwasher. Still. When one is in a lazy mood one does as little as possible.

Sunday afternoon, just before the gold medal match of men’s volleyball, the tart was assembled and captured by my camera.

Perfect timing considering that once the match came on television I sat on my sofa glued to the game. As they would say in Texas: “How ’bout them Russians?” A very interesting game.

All images Β©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

8 thoughts on “Simple Strawberry Tart

  1. Looks lovely as always and I love the crumpled paper, ‘just so’ in the foreground adding texture and a gorgeous background to the shot. Those perfect berries are model specimens for all things good and wonderful for summer!

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