Happy Friday (longing for rain)!

It’s been so dry here.

I’m longing for rain, the steady summer rain that gives nature, buildings and streets a good soak. A gentle rain that lasts for a few days, that ushers cool breezes. Oh, for the chance to pop open my umbrella and purchase some rain boots!

Hope you have a most refreshing weekend!

12 thoughts on “Happy Friday (longing for rain)!

    • I love the pictures you’ve chosen! It’s funny how in photographs everyone is so ecstatic in the rain but in real life we’re always so frantic to get out of it.

      • LOL! How true. In my daydreams I see myself skipping and twirling in the rain. Very carefree. In real life, I shield myself under my umbrella, trying not to get wet as I dash from the parking lot into the office.

  1. Beautiful! Although around March here in Seattle, the rain isn’t thought of so romantically unfortunately. Until then, we Seattlites are content with our lovely drizzle.

    • Hello Karista!
      Ahhh…being in Seattle you are blessed with rain/drizzle, gorgeous green trees, mountains, ocean, beaches. All lovely things. πŸ™‚ One year my family and I drove through a little bit of Washington from Oregon, and I fell in love with Washington’s natural beauty. In my opinion the Pacific Northwest is stunning.

      • It truly is stunning but it took me a few years to appreciate the beauty of the rain. πŸ™‚ Now I seem to relish the quiet drizzled winter days. Love your beautiful blog!

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