Restaurant Week: Truluck’s

Comedienne Anjelah Johnson performed a show in Houston that I was able to watch on video. I don’t know what year she was there, but one of the things she said when she greeted the audience was that there were no words to describe the heat there. It’s inappropriate, she said. That’s what I thought of when I left the house Friday evening. It’s inappropriate outside.

Restaurant number two of Restaurant Week is Truluck’s.

I have great fondness for this place. A coworker and I ate there last year during Restaurant Week, and when Mom came to visit in April I took her there.

Truluck’s is impeccable. The waitstaff, the decor, the ambience–everything–makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. The best tables in the house are the booths by the front windows. My friend and I made reservations for 5:30. It was still daylight so we could enjoy the view of shoppers strolling the square–and the light helped greatly with picture taking.

My friend and I both order the same things from the menu. Truluck’s serves THE BEST Caesar Salad. Whole, crisp, cold romaine with fresh tangy dressing, slivers of parmesan cheese, anchovy filets and lemon wedges. It’s a fork and knife salad. Crazy delicious and refreshing.

For our entree we chose the Beef Rockefeller: a tenderloin medallion that is topped with creamy spinach fondue on two loaded potato cakes and a cluster of fried oysters. Oh me, oh my. Another friend of mine would say, “It’s so good you want to lick the plate.” (Of course, we didn’t.)

As a surprise to celebrate my friend’s birthday, our waiter brought to the table a chocolate cake topped with cherries jubilee. He packed the desert my friend originally ordered in a to-go box, since the birthday cake came with ice cream. My desert was Truluck’s signature gigantic four-layered carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, topped with candied pecans and caramel sauce.

We spent two and a half hours eating, drinking, laughing and having a delightful time.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Week: Truluck’s

  1. the Caesar Salad looks inspiring. I have also been trying to read what’s on the menu but can’t see everything. Nevertheless, all I want right now is to eat there. Discovered you on Freshly Pressed and like your blog lots!

    • Thank you very much! Glad you stopped by and left a comment. Your blog looks very appetizing. My dad loves German food, and whenever we could find a lovely German restaurant we would make a visit and enjoy the cuisine.

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