Economizing My Pantry: Quick & Spicy Fried Rice

It was nearly half past seven in the evening. I seriously contemplated ordering Chinese take-out. Another long day at work, and I was hungry, and once again I didn’t have anything prepared.

I craved something flavorful, something sweet, sour, spicy. I craved Thai food. Some good Pad Thai would be fabulous. Alas, the place that served good Pad Thai didn’t deliver.

I scanned through the take-out menus of three different Chinese establishments. Same entrees and fairly the same prices. All delivered, however, one must place a minimum order of $15. I’m not going to eat $15 worth of food all by myself. I almost gave up and surrendered to oatmeal–but inspiration saved me. Fried rice.

I quickly assessed my fridge and pantry. Excellent! I had everything I needed.

Cooked Jasmine rice, eggs, soy sauce, red curry paste, olive oil, limes.

Time to get down to business and make a quick and spicy fried rice that I’ll finish off with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Once done, even I was floored by how simply delicious the fried rice was. It was exactly what I craved.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

6 thoughts on “Economizing My Pantry: Quick & Spicy Fried Rice

  1. Sriprae this is just too much for me!!! I am so hungry and now I’m even hungrier! I’m going to the Chinese buffet for lunch!!

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