Happy Friday (Abuchon got FRESHLY PRESSED)!!!

Happy Friday! Happy weekend, everyone!

I learned this morning that Abuchon got featured on Freshly Pressed. WordPress sent an email a couple days ago announcing that my blog post was selected to be featured. Well, I didn’t see that email until today. Needless to say, I was surprised.

I woke up this morning around 8-ish and decided to go for a walk. The weather was lovely. Comfortably warm with a gentle breeze. While walking I planned out the day in my head. There were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish since I had the day off. First and foremost was to tackle the chore of cleaning the bathroom. It’s my least likable chore. But it must be done and today is the day. I had a business meeting scheduled for this afternoon, so I thought that would give me enough time to get a load or two of laundry done before I needed to leave.

When I finished my walk I immediately went to work on the bathroom. First I sprayed the tub, toilet and sink with Mr. Bubbles foaming cleaner. (Thank God for Mr. Bubbles! It helps make cleaning that much easier.) While waiting for the foam to do its thing, I turned on my Mac to check on my blog. My password had timed out, so I had to sign in. Before I signed in I scanned the Freshly Pressed section and saw “My Week of 2nd Breakfasts”. I blinked. Oh my gosh…that’s MY blog post. Holy cow!

Then I checked my email. Holy cow! At 9 a.m. Abuchon received 300+ views.

Ok, so I didn’t get to tackle the laundry, but I did manage to clean my bathroom quite calmly with a huge grin on my face.

After I made coffee I called my mom. I explained WordPress to her, how it worked, and what just happened. She was excited. She’ll be getting my brother to help her pull up my blog. He, too, was excited and posted a screen shot of Freshly Pressed on his Instagram.

By 5 p.m. the number of views jumped to 1600+.

The part I enjoyed THE MOST was reading the comments from people all over the WordPress blogging community and responding to them. Some were very funny.

The interesting thing about the post that WordPress chose was that on Tuesday night I sat at my desk racking my brain for ideas of what to do for Wednesday’s post. I had pictures of a lovely peanut noodle dish that I had planned to feature, but I didn’t feel like working on it. In fact, I didn’t want to write. I scanned my photo files to see if I could do something else instead. That’s when I decided to use the Instagram pictures of my second breakfasts.

Thank you all who’ve stopped by and visited Abuchon, wrote a comment, hit the like button, and decided to follow. I am touched and honored that you were interested in Abuchon and wanted to be a part of my journey. Keep blogging, keep doing what you love to do.

Thank you, WordPress Team.

All images (with the exception of the first one) ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

15 thoughts on “Happy Friday (Abuchon got FRESHLY PRESSED)!!!

    • Thank you, Terry!
      Best wishes to your writing and blog. Your blog is very unique, and you definitely have a purpose. I think your plan of writing a page a day until your novels are completed is an excellent goal. I admire that.

      • thanks for the kind words 🙂 it’s a slow process, but definitely worth the wait!

  1. Wish something good would happen so I can tackle to bathroom with a smile. 🙂 Oh, and Freshly Pressed is how I came to follow you. Love your blog!

    • LOL! Thank you!
      Oooohhhh…the bathroom has not always been tackled with a smile. Sometimes I crank up some music to lift the mood.
      Thank you for following Abuchon. 🙂

  2. Hey Sriprae! Really pleased to see this!!! I didn’t see it on the day (I’ve not even logged in for days due to a lot of work suddenly at the same time!)
    Anyway, now I’m sure that you will have even more people liking your posts – I’m always a fan of yours!! 🙂
    My best regards to you! 🙂

    • Hello Peter! Thank you very much for your encouragement and kind words. You’re a terrific photographer so I take that as high compliment. 🙂 Glad to see that you’re still around. 🙂

  3. A foolproof way to please a blogger is to simply read her work. 🙂 Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    They do pick awesome blogs! I’m not regretting I followed yours. I love the way you talk to your readers. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ivy! I’m so honored and thrilled you chose to follow Abuchon–and that you’re not regretting it. The plus side is that I get to discover your blog, too! 🙂 By the way, I like your blog title.

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