Happy Friday (embrace your happy place)!

Once again those lovely days of respite from the office have come around. This time it is Labor Day weekend, which for some of us means an extra day off. Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! Whether you get an extra day off or not, I hope you all get to rest, do something you truly enjoy and spend some well deserved time in your happy place.

Take a moment to pause from the demands of reality, take deep breaths and quiet your mind, take a day or a few hours to do something or be with someone that ignites your happiness.

May your weekend be filled with enjoyment.

15 thoughts on “Happy Friday (embrace your happy place)!

  1. I feel like I’m already gone for the weekend after looking at those pictures – until I turn slightly my sight to the right of my computer monitor and realize that I still have a list of work tasks to do today. Thank you for the photos and words!

  2. Awesome photos–particularly the first one! This has been an incredibly stressful week, so I definitely needed this reminder and will make a conscious effort to find my happy place this long weekend. Thanks!

  3. Oh wow, Happy Friday! As you know I love my food stalks but without a doubt, the pic I got most excited by was the back lit book case- wow!!! Must be because I’m soon to set up home & *gasp* my current obsession is furniture and home stuff and (not food!!!) 😉

    • LOL! To be expected I’m sure. 🙂 Yes, that bookcase with the two chairs is quite something. So much so it got me in the mood to search the web for cozy little bed and breakfast establishments. I was led to a place in Maine where they deliver your breakfast each morning in a basket by your door (food stuffs include: homemade biscuits, granola, fruits, tea or coffee). What a neat idea! I’d like to experience waking up with a breakfast basket at my door. 🙂

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