The Art of Enjoying One’s Company Pt.1

Spending time alone with oneself can be a celebration, an enjoyment. There’s plenty of ways one can celebrate the simple pleasures of life with just yourself. I have found these times to be invigorating and special. Invigorating because these alone time stimulate my creativity; they rejuvenate me. I’d like to share with you this week a few examples of how I spend time with myself.


I lingered in bed even though sunshine poured through my windows like a child trying to get my attention.

Get up, it says.

Look at me, it says.

Look at this day.

Crisp shadows stamp my table like large grids. I walk over to the kitchen to fill my kettle. Today is me day. A day free of engagements, appointments, meetings, deadlines. No luncheons with friends, no dinner dates, no errands even. A day free to enjoy my own company.

It’s quiet this morning. Serene. The neighbors have not yet stirred. The sidewalks are empty of kids rollerskating or riding their bicycles. Traffic is a thousand miles away. The morning stirs gently; slowly I am waking and relishing this absence of hurriedness.

In the fridge are plump white-fleshed peaches. I gather bowls and ingredients for oatmeal: almonds, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, milk, oats. My mind processes the day as I take time to be slow. Chores can wait. First, let’s eat. Let’s savor these late summer peaches and fragrant cup of coffee. Let’s enjoy the sunlight and how the view outside my window is bright and cheerful. Let’s enjoy being in this moment and not pay attention to time.

The kettle whistles.

This day will never pass my way again. But it’s here now.

I take my coffee and oats to the table and open my journal. I am grateful for this calm, grateful to be alive. I am grateful for being right here.

I take a bite and then a sip. Then I pen my thoughts. A sentence here, a sentence there. Pretty soon there is a paragraph. Now a whole page is filled. Before I know it my bowl is empty, but I’m still blissfully lost in my thoughts. I refill my coffee, lean back in my chair and savor the moment.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

7 thoughts on “The Art of Enjoying One’s Company Pt.1

  1. Your pictures are so clean and crisp. I like the natural colors with the pop of rosy blush. Thanks for the glimpse into your day!

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