The Art of Enjoying One’s Company Pt.4

There’s a little shop I like to visit. Not too often lest it becomes too familiar, and I lose the anticipation that stirs my senses when I enter its doors.

This little shop is L’Occitane. When you cross its threshold a clean, soothing fragrance greets you. It’s not perfume; it does not have the chemical whiff that assaults your nostrils, making you want to sneeze and inhale fresh air by the lungfuls. It’s the scent of a fresh shower or a bouquet of newly gathered lavender or of almond blossoms. When you enter you are captivated by its loveliness and welcoming atmosphere. You feel like you’ve been transported to a gentle place where time does not rush you. L’Occitane is a store for the senses. Their products are pure in quality and abundant in luxuriousness. Luxurious in the way that when you sample their Shea Butter cream it feels like silk upon your skin. I visit L’Occitane when I want to pamper both my body and my senses.

A favorite product of mine is the almond shower oil. Its lather is ever so soft, and its fragrance soothes and refreshes. The oil leaves the skin hydrated and moist. This shower oil is a good remedy to wash away the dirt, grime and chaos of the day. It is easy to get too indulgent with this product and use it up too quickly; beware, I warn you.

While I was at L’Occitane during my last visit, I sampled their new summer product Bonne Mere, available in Honey and Milk. The honey lotion reminds me of honeysuckle, a tenderly light scent that I find very pleasant for savoring right before bed time. The milk lotion is delicate in fragrance as well but not as sweet.

After a spa-like pampering, why not indulge in a bit of comforting hot tea and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts?

Turn the lights down low, and plug in some twinkle lights.

Settle on the sofa with cushiony pillows and a blanket within reach, and savor each bite of cookie and sip of tea.


All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

6 thoughts on “The Art of Enjoying One’s Company Pt.4

  1. The very best of indulgences! Retail therapy and baking. I love their products too, in leui of the move and having a new bathroom to dress (I might just need some therapy there myself) And the cookies of courses 😉

    • How neat that you love their products, too! Do you have a favorite? My, my, indeed!–after you’re finished with moving and decorating and settling in, you need to indulge in some pampering for yourself. 🙂 (Don’t forget to make cookies before hand–or pick up some macarons from Laduree.)

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