Serene & Languid

At day’s end we just need to wind down, don’t we? Right now my body is relaxed from having had dinner and a couple scoops of gelato for desert. A train is rumbling in the distance, chugging its long and heavy cargo. Occasionally the horn will blow. A lone howl on this quiet night.

I am in a quiet mood. All the thoughts and rants of the day that whirled inside my head have subsided. I went for a walk after work. The movement of muscles and bones help shake off unpleasant things that have culminated from the day. I wish you could have seen today’s golden early evening. The sun was positioned just so, a few feet above the horizon so it seemed, that it bathed everything–bushes, trees, sidewalks, fences, brick walls–in translucent gold. I walked to clear my head and became mesmerized by this glow.

It has become one of those evenings. Serene, languid.

I want to share with you this Vimeo clip I stumbled upon a few weeks ago while surfing my Apple TV. It is by John X. Carey. This brief, little clip, which is under a minute and a half, captures a wide range of emotions so beautifully and brilliantly. “It is a short love story…based on a Tennyson poem.” I was in awe when I first saw it. I still am.

4 thoughts on “Serene & Languid

  1. Definitely beautiful. The sound of a coming storm can be relaxing but at the same time a little bit scary. The same happens with the wind…can fulfill ones soul but can make you think a lot of what you have not near…¡¡

  2. So beautifully poignant. I love the message, definitely serene and most importantly those we need in times of true need are never far away. I’m struck by the beauty of that clip, definitely priceless 🙂

    • Indeed poignant. Not a wasted second. Every bit captured a story, an emotion. It’s inspiring. Now I want to learn how to produce a video. Tsk, tsk. So much to learn! 🙂

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