Treasure Hunting: Delights for the Home

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

–Charles Caleb Colton

Instagram is my window of (temporary) escape. When I need a quick break, I can walk along the sandy beaches of California or take a dive in the glistening Mediterranean waters. I can stroll through the dew kissed forests of the Pacific Northwest. I can hail a cab in New York City and gaze upon the Chrysler Building. I can be on a front row seat of Oscar de la Renta’s fashion show. I can browse Tiffany’s gleaming diamond pendants. I can enjoy a simple meal of a croissant and espresso or a lavish dish that I can’t pronounce.

Through Instagram I have discovered some excellent photographers and food stylists. A few of those are contributors to Kinfolk magazine. Their style is earthy and natural. No fuss. They elevate the everyday experiences of life. It’s a movement towards simplicity and enjoying the life that you have right now with the people you love and the food and bounty that’s around you. I’m inspired by their pictures, and I have learned quite a bit from them. At any opportunity I try to imitate their way of food styling and capturing a picture.

The first time I encountered a Kinfolk magazine, I was skeptical. I thought this was just another glorified artsy publication. It wasn’t until I learned about the magazine’s contributors that I became impressed and ordered their latest volume on Amazon. I’m now a fan. Their articles are well-written and engaging. Descriptive. Well thought out. Their layout and design is fabulous. Gorgeous. I’m envious.

Kinfolk is a guide to small gatherings, be it one, two or few. It is unpretentious. (There are no advertisements.) And delightful.

These lovely pale sea green bowls. The color reminds me of time spent at the beach. I fix my morning oatmeal in those bowls. Eating out of them makes me happy.

Ceramic egg caddies are my latest rave. They evoke memories of the country, the farm. I like to see the eggs nestled in their little cubbies.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting: Delights for the Home

  1. Gorgeous! I’m a big fan of all the above! Not only the gorgeous ceramics but your style guru’s and philosophy too! Kinfolk is my go too for inspiration as is IG. 🙂 Hope you had a great end to the week too!

    • Hello Alice!
      Thank you. 🙂 I’m so glad to discover that you’re a fan of Kinfolk, too! Such amazing work and inspiration.
      You know, the week did end pretty great. Thank you for the well wishes. 🙂 I have your week went well and that you have a lovely weekend. Still planing on baking a cake? I think that’s a great idea that I might follow your lead. The weather has turned crisp today (I’m doing a happy jig), and a cake in the oven would crown this weekend with delightful scrumptiousness. 🙂 Have fun baking, cooking, and whatever else tickles your fancy!

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