Happy Friday! (dreaming of office space)

Alas! Friday is here.

It rained this morning. A soft rain with chilly temperatures. A snuggle kind of day.

I am so excited. Thrilled. This morning my friend and I went to our local print vendor to do a test print of her wedding stationary. I love our printer. They go the extra mile for us, and their quote for this project was not highway robbery. I grinned from ear to ear when I saw the printed invitation and card. They are gorgeous. The printers did an excellent job. I can’t wait to hold the final product in my hands. I am thrilled, because my friend and her mother are happy and thrilled.

Hope you have a very happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday! (dreaming of office space)

  1. Gorgeous spaces and I’d happily give up any day there to work and study, just because they’re all beautiful! Congrats on the print job for your friend, no doubt she’s already a fan of your work, but I’d say even more so now 😉

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