Tuesday Morning & Lovely Finds

Good Morning! Good Day! Welcome Tuesday!

Is it really October already?

Yesterday was my aunt’s 92 birthday. She is a resilient and sweet lady. The eldest of three children and the only one remaining. I called her last night to wish her a happy birthday. She lives in a mountain town in Arizona where snow falls during the winter. She still drives but only to downtown which is just a mile away from her house, and she can still mow her lawn. Her health is excellent, save the arthritis in one of her knees. She told me last night that she doesn’t feel 92, and she doesn’t dress like one either. Ah, Aunt Frances, you’re marvelous.

Today is another overcast day. I’m thrilled as can be. The weather is cooler; perhaps we’ll experience an early fall after all. Had I mentioned that last year we didn’t really have a cold winter? I think that’s why I’m yearning for cooler air.

Over the weekend I made biscuits and gravy with turkey bacon for breakfast. I seasoned the biscuit dough with a little marjoram. Biscuits and gravy reminds me of the many breakfasts I had while growing up in the country. It was Dad’s and my brother’s favorite. I don’t often make it for myself, but the change in season was ripe for something homey and warm.

I’d like share with you some lovely finds from the blog-o-sphere before I rush off to work.

  • Want to visit Tokyo and see some gorgeous photography? Check out Park & Cube.
  • Or stop by lingered upon to see some of California’s beautiful valleys.
  • How about making cardamom-scented chicken curry and lentil dahl? Eat, little bird shares her recipe on her cute blog.
  • Kristin and Kayla–Sisters–love this blog as their photographer father document the lives of his little girls growing up.
  • Fig and Fauna presents a beautiful take on farm and simple life.
  • See the sights of Copenhagen through the eyes of half girl.
  • And realize that what defines us is how well we rise after falling; an excellent post by designer Kelley Moore.

Have a wonderful day!

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning & Lovely Finds

  1. So lovely as slways! I’m intrigued by turkey bacon because it looks very much like real bacon in that its pink, but I’m guessing that’s where the similarities end. The biscuits look lovely and very similar to what I’d call a scone here. Definitely appetising & moreish!

  2. You do not fail to disappoint in making the morning snack and beverage look deliciously appetizing to the eyes and in making myself hungry! Thank you for sharing your fantastic photography and keep it up!

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