Operation Birthday Cake

My coworker asked me to bake a cake for her roommate’s birthday.

“Something with ganache,” was her roommate’s request.

On Sunday afternoon I commenced Operation Birthday Cake and posted a picture on Instagram.

My coworker, CK, texted me: FYI steph is going CRAZAY about that cake! Just saying. 🙂

I told CK it would be a dark chocolate espresso cake with a dark chocolate ganache encrusted with almonds.

Apparently CK didn’t relay that information to Steph, because the next day at the office she told me Steph begged to know what kind of cake I made for her. CK kept her in the dark until the birthday dinner celebration that Monday evening.

The almonds were free-spirited and decided to do their thing rather than comply to the rigid rules for perfect encrustation.

Oh well, sometimes one just has to let nature be. 🙂

(Yeah, right.)

Steph commented via Instagram that the cake was amazing. Success!!! 🙂

This was the recipe I used. Instead of just using hot water, I brewed espresso. Also, I baked two 6-inch cakes rather than one 12-inch cake and used some of the ganache for the filling.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

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