Chicken Noodle on my Mind

My best friend had never seen anyone so excited over chicken noodle soup. I had just described (complete with wide eyes and hand gestures) the wonders and glories of this soup I made the previous night.

I had attempted chicken noodle soup a couples times before and was thoroughly disappointed. I don’t recall which recipe I used. It could very well be that I applied a short cut somewhere that compromised the flavor.

No doubt my rapture was due to the fact that this one turned out differently. This one turned out deliciously.

I used this recipe.

Instead of using 16 cups of broth, I used 8 cups with 3 drumsticks. I love veggies, so I used two medium onions, five carrots and five celery. Instead of sautéing mushrooms, I sautéed diced onions and garlic. Once the onions caramelized to a lovely brown, I squeezed on the lemon juice, then added the mixture into the pot.  I used skinny egg noodles and boiled them separately. (I’ve found that when noodles are boiled in the soup they soak up the liquid and become flimsy…but I guess that only happens when you have leftovers.)

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

(Can you tell that’s my favorite bowl? It’s been featured SO many times. 🙂 )

6 thoughts on “Chicken Noodle on my Mind

  1. Love the soup, the bowl, those crackers and the light. This soup look soooo comforting! A perfect indulgence which takes care of all the comfort food cravings, healthful, tasty and home made. It definitely says welcome weekend!

    • Thank you, Alice! Indeed, it was the perfect indulgence that satisfied the comfort, healthy and tasty factors. 🙂
      Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

    • Hello Peter!
      Welcome back! Awww, thank you for catching up on Abuchon. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the pics. Hope things are going well for you and yours. You mentioned you had travel opportunities a while back. Have you returned from that?

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