Happy Weekend! (enjoy + indulge)

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you had a good week.

I encountered some angry ants by accident a few days ago. Before I knew it they were over my toes and biting viciously. At the office we had to move out of our work space to a temporary holding center so they could re-paint and re-carpet. One of my shopping goals for this weekend was to get some comfortable shoes for the winter. An investment must be made for I cannot stand sore feet any longer. I found three pairs yesterday that swathed my feet with comfort and support.

Change is in the air. Clouds are visiting us more often, and I find more and more leaves covering sidewalks, sometimes twirling lazily with the breeze. There’s more in store than just the transition in nature. Sometimes we wait with baited breath for the unknown. Then sometimes we wait for what we’ve been expecting to finally transpire. It’s a bit of both in my situation.

So on that note and with the onset of Weekend, let us enjoy what time we have; let us indulge in the pleasures of life!

6 thoughts on “Happy Weekend! (enjoy + indulge)

    • Thank you, Kate, for stopping by! My mouth dropped open when I saw your cookies. What a fabulous concept! Your picture of them is beautiful.

    • Hi Alice! Thank you.
      Ahhh, the feet are doing better, thank you for asking. 🙂 The sting wore away rather quickly. After a couple days the bites began to itch. Naughty ants!
      Hope you’re enjoying your week!

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