Design Inspiration: Be WRARE

Design inspiration no. 3: WRARE.

By far the coolest store in the neighborhood. WRARE sells industrial decor for the home and office. They have lovely vintage typewriters and a lamp made from a vintage silver coffee urn, among other things. The store is hip, eclectic and well decorated, as you can see by their storefront display. I love the hanging light bulbs and large pieces of canvas strung from the ceiling. Alas, I didn’t snap pictures inside the store (save one or two) as I was too absorbed by their merchandise.

Love the technique of masking type over an eye-catching background.

Just love strands of lights.

A pizzeria with chandeliers…what’s not to love?

All images Β©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

8 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Be WRARE

  1. Love all of it! πŸ™‚ if I went. I to a store like that, you’d have to send a search party whilst I got lost in all the wares…and you’d need to take my wallet for me before I went inside too!

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