Design Inspiration: Brick District

Design Inspiration no. 4: downtown Fort Worth.

Brick structures, brick lanes, brick mural, brick…brick…brink…

I love the different hues of brick that swath downtown: copper, clay, worn out brown; and how the trees flank sidewalks and alleys that have been converted to al fresco dining. It’s a district that begs to be explored on foot, to feel the unevenness of brick against the soles of your shoes, to meander under out-stretched branches and gaze at towers that bleed right into the blue white sky.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

2 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Brick District

  1. I like seeing all those posters and tones of brick against the stage lights! It’s so important to get out there and be inspired by the day to day, especially when you’re in the business of creating from scratch! Looks like you’ve got some keen ideas for your next project round.

    • Thank you, Alice.
      It’s inspiring to see what other people are creating and doing. Even though I long to visit other cities in other countries–knowing that such places are rich with culture, history, and inspiration–I’m reminded that the cities around me have history and inspiration, too; I just need to keep my eyes open. 🙂

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