LaToya + Jason 10.27.2012

During a business meeting, Mr. Larry (a friend and coworker) asked me to help with the photography for his daughter’s wedding. I was thrilled beyond words and nervous, too. A few weeks later I met with his daughter, LaToya, at a local Starbucks. LaToya is beautiful with a mixed heritage of African American and Asian. She’s also super articulate and composed. She envisioned her wedding to be classical yet low-key, very relaxed. Her fiancee is Jamaican, so there will be plenty of dancing. She told me she loved the concept of an aged love letter, and that was the inspiration she drew upon for her wedding.

Two weeks before the wedding Mr. Larry, Joy (another coworker) and I visited the venue. LaToya had booked the entire building (the ceremony and reception will all take place indoors). We toured every room and got a good idea of what to expect. Mr. Larry would officiate his daughter’s wedding, Joy would do the videography (along with another coworker), and I would be the secondary photographer. This wedding proved to be a very well documented event.

I’ve included the ceremony pictures in this post. If you’d like to view the rest of the album (see how beautiful the bride was and dancing at the reception), click here.

For the rest of the album click here.

All images ©2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

9 thoughts on “LaToya + Jason 10.27.2012

  1. See I was right – I knew they’d be lovely!! I only ever like to shoot as a second photographer at weddings because it’s a very nerve racking job!! Well done on making some lovely pictures under pressure!
    They say that photographing weddings requires nerves of steel!! That is certainly something I entirely agree with – its a lot of pressure because it’s a one off event with no chance to re- shoot anything!
    I recognised your style in a lot of them too!!

    • Thank you, Peter! So very glad you like them. 🙂 I agree with you; it’s easier to shoot as secondary. I was very impressed with the primary photographer. Her energy knew no bounds, so it seemed.
      Overall it was an amazing and enjoyable experience. I was honored to be asked and thankful the shots turned out all right.
      Speaking of which, I’m sure your wedding photography pictures are gorgeous. You have an impeccable eye for capturing people beautifully in their natural moment. 🙂

  2. So beautiful! It’s easy to see why little girls dream of their big day because it’s a wonderful moment in which you pause and remember for the rest of your life.

    Your photos are beautiful and definitely some if the best wedding snaps I’ve ever seen! My favourite was of the happy couple (and gorgeous couple) cutting the wedding cake. I love the composition of that picture!

    • Thank you, Alice!
      Well, the little girls in the wedding sure had a great time. From getting dolled up, playing with flowers, taking pictures, having fun on the dance floor and staying up way past their bed time, I’m sure it was a celebration they’ll remember. 🙂

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