Nostalgia & Holiday Brunch


With the holidays tucked away, and normal routines and schedules have settled back into our lives, I find myself feeling nostalgic. It is as if the last of the pixie dust has dissipated, the once glistening snow is now muddied and melting. Apparently I’ve become one of those people who is in no rush to take down the Christmas trimmings–and I’m not even that fond of Christmas decorations. Perhaps the reason I don’t feel too badly about this is because I didn’t put up a tree, and neither is my home trimmed in lights. The decor was kept to a minimal, and I find it quite cheery and cozy. Aha!–that’s the reason for my holiday sweep-up delay.

What I did indulge much of during my blogging sabbatical was Instagramming. With the upgrade to the new iPhone I have been camera phone trigger happy. But you know, Instagram is not just gratuitous picture sharing–at least not for me. There are plenty of great photographers out there, and their pictures fuel my inspiration. I digress.

During the holiday I hosted a Saturday brunch and invited a group of friends and coworkers. With the winter solstice just days away, I had anticipated a chilly morning so I planned a hearty spread. What could be more cozy than friends gathering at one’s place enjoying delicious food, hot beverages, and good conversation? A ski chalet in Switzerland would be nice, but until that is feasible let’s go with a weekend brunch with a group of people you like.

Alas, that Saturday morning the temperature soared to 72 degrees. Instead of donning a sweater dress complete with thick tights, I had to reassess my outfit. Once my guests arrived, I opened the balcony door and turned on all the ceiling fans. No one wanted a hot beverage. Ok, so the weather threw us a curve ball, but we still had a great time. We shared funny stories of childhood Christmases and family traditions.

I hope you got to enjoy a lovely holiday. If you did not, then I truly hope the days ahead bring you comfort, cheer and plenty of joy.


Cheddar apricot puffs


Cider-braised bacon, spinach and fontina strata, and winter fruit salad


Lovely hostess gift bouquet


Sweet treat hostess gift

All images © 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia & Holiday Brunch

    • Thank you, Alice! As it turned out the apricot cheddar puffs were the favorite. Wickedly delicious but challenging to pinch and twist the dough. :/
      The weather here has been bonkers. Wish it would just stay cold until spring arrives. 🙂 I’m the only one still craving snow.

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