Nutella Buns


Cinnamon rolls were a high treat when I was a kid. Mom often baked bread from scratch; yeast rolls and onion bread loaves (oh, the gorgeous aroma that would waft our farm house when those loaves were baking in the oven!) were her specialties. Dad and my brother loved cinnamon rolls, but for some reason we didn’t have those very often. Too time consuming, Mom said. Usually on some Saturday mid-morning Dad or Matt would suggest cinnamon rolls for breakfast. A bit late in the game to request that to be on the menu. Hence, we often did without, or Dad would procure rolls that came in a can (a far cry from the real deal in my opinion).


Fast forward to the near present. Last November I encountered a recipe for Nutella Buns. Say no more–I was sold on “Nutella”. Up to that point I had shied away from recipes that required yeast and a waiting period of an hour or more. However, the magical word “Nutella” broke my unspoken vow, and on December 1st I baked a wonderful batch of chocolate-y rolls.



The effort did require some time, but the result was truly worth it. If you do try this recipe, my advice would be to forget the utensils and use your fingers to enjoy these buns; they’re more delicious that way.


For recipe, click here (taken from This is a Cookbook and Max & Eli Sussman). (Thank you, Alice Gao, for posting this fantastic recipe.)


All images © 2012 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “Nutella Buns

  1. Hi Sriprae, oh how delightful these nutella buns are. I can empathise with you when you say you would stay away from recipes that called for yeast and a wait period of more than an hour but the reward is well worth the wait.
    These look beautiful and I am sure they just melt in your mouth.

    • Hello, Angela. Great to hear from you. 🙂 Thank you very much! LOL, perhaps I’m just impatient when it comes to yeast and waiting to taste something I want to bake. However, I’ve discovered it’s not too exasperating to work with yeast. I haven’t baked a loaf of bread, yet. Maybe next winter I’ll give that a try 🙂

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