Mon Petit Gâteau {triple layer chocolate cake with sea salt caramel}


The weekend couldn’t arrive fast enough. Ever since Tuesday I’ve been fantasizing about a mini triple layer cake with sea salt caramel filling topped with a rich chocolate glaze. Oh yes, inspiration struck but I couldn’t do anything about it except jot down the idea and wait (semi) patiently for my day off. Once the day came, my home turned into a bakery (La Pâtisserie Abuchon) and photography studio. Measuring cups and spoons littered the counter space that was dusted with flour, cocoa and sugar. Fabric and boards strewn my living room floor. It was quite an untidy sight.

divine caramel sauce...oh so lovely!

Once I became absorbed with the project I lost track of time. I love creating delicious things in the kitchen; I love it when a recipe comes together as it should and the house smells of good things to eat. So excited was I about assembling this cake–I had grand aspirations for it to be magnifique–that I totally forgot to add an ingredient. TOTALLY.

little chocolate cakes




This was my first time to make caramel. Interesting to say the least. The aroma was glorious! I am convinced (for the present) that nothing beats the smell of homemade caramel. I inhaled deeply while stirring the gorgeous amber sauce.

When the time finally came to assemble the cake, I was giddy. How I wished I had a photographer who could snap pictures during each stage of assemblage. (Or someone could assemble while I take the pictures.) My bubble of exhilaration burst when the cake began to lean…and lean…and lean. Obviously the Tower of Pisa came to mind. There it was, my chocolatey mess, leaning like it was going to pass out. I stared at it in horror, bracing my heart for the inevitable collapse. Collapse it did not. My stare of horror turned into one of fascination. Apparently the caramel filling was the glue that prevented the epic topple.


I wanted to cry. All that time and effort! Sticky caramel spotted my stove top. I had chocolate all over my fingers, and this masterpiece turned out to be a master freak.


{Ah, the resilience of the human spirit presses onward!} One word kindled a flicker of hope. Toothpicks. Without hesitation I set to work propping those bad boys into my dilapidated cake. The result wouldn’t garner any accolades, but it sure made the cake picture-taking worthy.


Images from my Instragram feed @seaprincess147




Psst. The ingredient I forgot to add was the oil. Shhh!


Recipe for caramel sauce, click here.

All images © 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

10 thoughts on “Mon Petit Gâteau {triple layer chocolate cake with sea salt caramel}

  1. Delicious, divine and definitely photo worthy. I love that high stack with the salted caramel sauce and (little) perfect flake of fleur de sel. Either way, you should be proud of what you made, it still looks so tasty!

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