Colors of Easter


Happy belated Easter!

Having been lured by the subtle beauty of colored eggs, I decided this year to dive in and color a few. I haven’t dyed Easter eggs since I was seven or eight years old. It was in Phoenix; my best friend’s mom bought us an Easter egg decorating kit, plastic pastel baskets and a bag of plastic grass. She spread newspapers and paper towels over her kitchen table as her two daughters and I dipped our hard boiled eggs into cups of colored water. I remembered there were decals and a big mess afterwards. As a child I wasn’t that interested with coloring eggs; I much preferred the plastic variety that contained chocolates.


Perhaps now I can better appreciate the simple beauty of the eggs’ plain white shell morphing into happy spring colors. Hence, on Easter, I laid several layers of paper over my kitchen table and plastic wrap for the drying station (nope, I don’t own a proper drying rack). What fascinated me the most about the dying process was how the pores of the shells enlarged to absorb the colors and then diminished once dried.



While the eggs were drying, I dyed some strips of paper just to see how they would turn out.




Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday, spending time with family, friends, or enjoying your own company.


All images © 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “Colors of Easter

    • Thank you, Shelley. 🙂 Indeed! The colors turned out delightfully. When I shelled the eggs some of them displayed lovely pale colored streaks. Very mod in design. Perhaps next time I’ll crack the shells just a wee bit before dipping them into the colors. 🙂

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