In Search for Coffee


There was a time when my friends and I regularly visited the Starbucks around the corner. We would order chai lattes and sink into their well worn green arm chairs for a lingering conversation. Starbucks was the place to meet. We would stop there to pick up a drink before heading to the mall, the park or embarking on a road trip. We would stop there after a late night movie and stay until the store closed. My first date with my love included Starbucks.


There came a time though when my craving for coffee veered away from the chain. I much more enjoyed other roasts and brewing my own pot of French press. From time to time I miss the coffee shop setting of people milling about, in deep conversation, playing board games or reading. Surely there must be independent coffee shops in the area. There used to be one near me, and I visited it once. I never returned because their coffee was very pricey and not that much better. Within a few years they closed.


Late November I came across a feature in our local magazine about a coffee house/gastropub that recently opened. It wasn’t until last weekend that I searched the web for the establishment. Brewed Gastropub. Located just south of downtown Fort Worth. Their online coffee menu featured a shared press pot. I convinced my good friend to join me Friday morning for what I was hoping to be an excellent pot of coffee. Being the good sport that she was, she got up early on her day off and met  me for coffee.


Stepping inside Brewed dispelled all webs of grogginess. The place was a lot roomier than I had imagined. It was everything I dreamed a cozy coffee house to be. A variety of seating, plenty of natural light. It was a place where you wanted to linger. A place where you most certainly wanted to return.




And the coffee was superb. Smooth and bold and plenty of it in that shared press pot we ordered.


We ended up staying a couple of hours, losing track of time as we sipped our coffee and enjoyed home baked scones.



All images © 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “In Search for Coffee

  1. Beautiful light & photos (which I previously enjoyed on IG.) I agree that a good coffee shop is so much more than simply a drink and a few magazines. It’s the hustle & bustle, the clinking of cups and most importantly the company too.

    Looks seriously lounge worthy…

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