Wild Salmon: To Market and Back


The market was teaming with people on Sunday afternoon. Spring-like weather emerged again after a bout of autumn-esque brisk days and cold nights. I arrived just in time before the parking lot offered no more vacancies. Truly it was a gorgeous day. The sky couldn’t be more bluer against the adornment of clouds. I wheeled my cart and headed towards the seafood department.

Wild salmon for $12.99/lb. The flesh was a beautiful bright coral. That’s what I came here for. Four skinless five-ounce fillets, please.


The bustle of a great market can be invigorating and exciting. Everyone there is a food lover (or so I tell myself). We peruse over racks of fresh baked rounded loaves. We congregate around sample stations and nibble on cheese squares or the hottest brand of Texas salsa. We smell coffee–no, we inhale the robust aroma of a great roast. Sometimes it can get annoying when someone else’s cart blocks your path or cuts you off.


One just has to remember that we’re all trying to procure what we came here for and that getting miffed in a place surrounded by fabulous food is such a waste of precious energy. It is best to instead remain in one’s happy place, and whistle as you maneuver to get the asparagus.


Being in the market is the only type of foraging I know in this modern world. Oh, wait. When I was a kid my parents and I foraged in our woods for wild mushrooms, morels. There is a satisfaction that comes when I have gathered the bits and pieces I need to prepare meals for the week. A happy sense of satisfaction when my grocery list needs are met.


What I had in mind for this week’s dinner is wild salmon and asparagus baked in parchment. The recipe caught my eye in the May 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. How fresh it sounded! When I saw the salmon glistening and resplendent on ice behind the glass display, I knew this meal will be well savored.




Give the recipe a try and tell me what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚

All images ยฉ 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

4 thoughts on “Wild Salmon: To Market and Back

    • Hello Alice!
      So very sorry for the delayed response. (Yikes!) Time flew and I’m scrambling.
      Thank you for your comment! It was a delicious meal–so much tastier than what I had anticipated. Love it when that happens. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a glorious weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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