Live With No Regrets


You have those moments, don’t you, when you second guess yourself? You second guess your ability, your talent, your contribution. You worry about what other people’s reactions or responses will be.

Those moments are difficult. Despite having experienced many days of being confidant about my work and my decisions, I am not immune to those difficult days.


The good news is that even those days come and go. What I’ve learned is that when such days plague  me, I need to just step away and do something that will fuel my creativity and confidence. It’s usually simple things like reading a well written book or preparing a meal.


When my mind and my imagination are engaged, that is when I am open to inspiration.

My day job allows me to create, it’s actually one of the requirements. I enjoy it thoroughly; I enjoy the challenges and the triumphs, the satisfaction of executing a job well done. The title is not glamorous, but I love what I am paid to do. When the workday is done, when the weekend begins, my mind continues to churn out ideas. It is during those times and those days that I am more cognizant of being the creative director of my life. Not going to lie, I really like the sound of that. I think it is an apt title for all of us.


There was a time in my life when I was more concerned about what other people thought about my decisions. I lived my life conformed to their rules. As I’ve matured I’ve discovered that it is more important for me to be able to live at peace with the decisions I make rather than sacrifice my happiness to please others who are not living my life. Live with no regrets. That has become one of my life’s mottos.


There will be difficult decisions ahead. There will also be many opportunities. There will be days when we second guess ourselves, and there will be days when we soar with confidence. The important thing to keep in mind is that life–yours and mine–is a gift. We’ve been given this opportunity to live it, to experience it, to learn from it, to exalt in it. Our lives are entwined with one another’s. I see great beauty in that. We all have something unique and timely to contribute…to each other, to society, to the world. “Life is a canvas, throw all the paint you can on it.”

Live with no regrets.


Lime Cookies with Basil + Lemongrass Sorbet

All images © 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

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