The Joy Thief

Isn’t that the truth?

When was the last time you compared yourself–your person, your talents, your life, your possessions–against someone else?

‘Tis a slippery slope, and one that seems to always be beckoning.

Another one of my life’s mottos is that my life is not their (insert name) life. How I live my life is not the same as how they (insert name) live their life. It’s easy to see the polished exterior people allow you to see. What we don’t know is all the mess that lies behind closed doors, and you know everyone has messes of their own.

I admit, I’ve succumbed to the comparison trap. If there’s anything that can suck the joy quicker from your soul, it’s that comparison thief.

So, what to do?

What works for me is that I stop looking at them and instead list the things I am grateful for in my life. I stop looking at them and instead am appreciative of who I am and what I have.

Gratefulness is a bringer of joy.

May the week ahead be kind and beautiful to you, and may you know that no one can be you–and that’s a good thing.

Disclaimer: Images used in this post are not mine. You may click on the images for source information.

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