Into the Woods


The honey tones of autumn bloom upon the leaves and aging meadows. Slender wheat tipped grass brush the fields as the early morning breeze sweeps through the valley. Had I not awaken that Saturday with a sense of restlessness I would not have witnessed autumn’s subtle beauty. In these parts the days are still warm with evenings that tickle at the mere fancy of chilly weather. Because of said restlessness, I don my Nikes, strapped on my camera and ventured beyond my threshold.


There’s a pretty sort of wilderness, an island of trees and grass, in the middle of suburbia that my mind turned towards. Fortunate for me it was within walking distance.


The morning air brought respite. As my feet tread pavement, I grew more anxious to reach the destination. In my mind’s eye, I saw the familiar cluster of trees, the overgrown grass where dog owners threw frisbees–nothing exceptional about this bit of nature surrounded by apartment complexes and cookie-cutter homes.


But I’ve never explored it.

Once I arrived and my feet stepped upon it’s terrain, I left behind the suburb and entered the woods.


Immediately all was silence but for the rustling of weeds and leaves. As I ventured further into the fold, a squirrel scurried from behind a tree only to halt at my approaching steps.


I had entered another kingdom, for I spied leaves of gold, dangling from low-hanging branches; miniature sunburst flowers fit for woodland fairies and fell logs for toadstools and gnomes.


A gnarled, spindly-branched tree–soulless and eerie–lay abandoned like a haunted house.

The canopy above glistened with sparkling rays of light.


Had it not been for my inner self urging me to seek out beauty and inspiration, I would not have experienced the pleasure this woodland kingdom generously bestowed upon me.


All images © 2013 Sriprae P. McDonald

5 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. Oh, how lovely, Sriprae! I felt as if I were walking with you…you paint a gorgeous picture with your words and completely transport me to a dreamy place! So sorry to hear you have been sad…hoping everything turns itself around for you. xoxo Jen

    • Thank you very much, dear Jen! I’m so delighted you enjoyed the post.
      Ah…not so much about being sad as it was about feeling frustrated… Alas, I have no Mary Poppins type of power where I can snap my fingers and change things for the better. However, I’ve learned time and again that inspiration is all around us. One just has to open one’s eyes and LOOK. Thank you so much for your well wishes. 🙂 You warm my heart. xoxo

      • How beautiful and utterly poignant as always. Sorry to hear you’ve been sad in life and I truly wish that whatever it was (might pass) so that you can feel a whole lot better, (incase you didn’t already!)

        You’ve got a true gift with words, a remarkable gift that is increasingly rare to come by. Hugs x

      • Thank you very much! Thank you for your well wishes and compliment. 🙂 You have brightened my heart exceedingly.

        There is a crossroad. I know what I want to do, but the question is how. It magnifies as the days pass.

        Oh the rich tapestry of life! 🙂

      • Does your plan involve running off to Britain to have an adventure with all things wonderful (by chance?) A few years ago, (almost 7) I was at a huge cross road after (finishing a relationship) that wasn’t great for me.

        I went away for a month & a half to Hong Kong & China, took a break from life & work. Caught up with family, made new friends on the way. Ate a lot of foreign asian food (stacks!)

        By the time I returned home I was a newly polished person and so much better equipped to deal with what life threw my way! I hope whatever you’re putting into plan makes a few great changes for you too! Big hugs x

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