Citrus Jam


If I owned a café I would serve you fresh croissants with citrus jam.

If you craved a dessert and it’s past midnight and all the stores are closed, I would make you crêpes and top it with citrus jam.

If you visited from afar and we just met at Starbucks, I would dash home to give you a jar of citrus jam.

(Ok, that last scenario is a bit much, but you get the point.)









All images © 2014 Sriprae P. McDonald

8 thoughts on “Citrus Jam

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  2. I’ve got blood oranges on my brain… absolutely kicking myself I didn’t except the box that Redbelly Citrus wanted to throw my way…. Sigh! Since saying no, all I can think about is blood orange marmalade. This post and your oh so gorgeous photos have tipped me over the edge, to the shops I go tomorrow. Hope you are well lovely lady. Hugs. xoxo

    • LOL! A trip to the shops is always a good–and fun–idea. 😉 Hmmm…this got me thinking…I wonder how a lemon, lime and ginger jam would taste. Oy vey, I keep spending money on groceries. 🙂
      Thanks, love, for dropping a note. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the post and the photos. Hope you have a tremendously fabulous rest of the week!
      Much love! xoxo

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