Battle Cry


With April being Poetry Month I doff my hat to all the poets in the world. With humble pen in hand and crisp sheets on the desk, I scribble and scrawl the words which beat within my breast.

Battle Cry

This wile. This beast.

That gnaws & gnacks

voraciously attacks.

It feeds & feeds

my life’s blood, my dreams

it devours with greed.


Oh, to raise my wings and be away

kiss farewell the fraughtful days

I’d surf the winds, sift through clouds

glide rainbows…

…and I’d be the rescuer.


Banish loathing! To hell with contempt!

I’d brandish my sword and we’ll all conquer yet.


Rally with me, kindred spirit,

you whose hearts pulsate with dreams.

Rally with me. Let us free our voices–

plummet the depths, soar the heights–

gird our minds, ignite that passion that once aflamed inside.

With steel forged by imagination’s fire, we will defy the basest critics.


Rally with me

and let us create what we were born to create.

Not a moment too late–

Let us raise our battle cry.


A selection of some poems I admire:

“If” by Rudyard Kipling

“Why do I love You, Sir?” by Emily Dickinson

“Echo” by Christina Georgina Rossetti

“Life” by Charlotte Brontë

2 thoughts on “Battle Cry

    • Thank you, my friend! Your artistry is inspiring; it brings encouragement and sparks the imagination (and taste buds). Your talent, too, for creating mobile videos is blossoming exquisitely!. 🙂

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