Rally, My Friend


With April being Poetry Month I doff my hat to all the poets in the world. With humble pen in hand and crisp sheets on the desk, I scribble and scrawl the words which beat within my breast.

Life is fragile and life is resilient. The day before I learned about a dear friend’s diagnosis of bone cancer. Over the weekend a young woman whom I’ve not met but heard spoken of with admiration by a friend, a young woman who was lovely and pleasant, who had a husband and a 5-year old daughter,…this young woman died in a plane crash. Life is fragile, and the dealings of life are sometimes so very unfair. 


Rally, My Friend

long are the shadows that twist and bend
jagged pain and sadness
the bitter oil we are forced to swallow
pale is the face of our lonely moon
adrift across a dark and crystal ocean
shadows twist and bend
to better cover what remains of us
drowning are the depths we opt to tread
convinced we are alone
unaware that on the other side of despair
the sun rallies the skies
’tis a veil of marauding clouds
of shadows that twist and bend
to suffocate the breath inside
there are no safe passages
(Rally, my friend.)
we all must tread these darkly waters
(And cover your ears.)
where the air presses like iron weights
crushing upon our chest
where our strength is scathed
and we are one sigh from dying
Rally, my friend,
and cover your ears.
Those honeyed words will not slake your thirst.
Rally, my friend,
and lift your eyes.
Pierce your stare past
shadows that twist and bend.
You are not alone, my friend.

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