Happy Food Moments

Dearest Hazel (@beurrenoisette) from Instagram asked me to share my #happyfoodmoments.

Those are the moments when my loved ones and I get together and for a moment our cares and problems are suspended. It is just us and good food and thoughtful conversations or stories that make you laugh so hard tears stream down your face. It is enjoying the moment and each other’s company, passing food around the table, spilling some sauce on the tablecloth and licking your fingers.

What are your happy food moments?


Sriprae McDonald


2 thoughts on “Happy Food Moments

  1. Happy food moment… Haha, pretty sure my first words were ‘When do we eat’. I adore food, almost every meal I eat I am happy about. My colleagues love hearing my thoughts just as I finish up a plate of food, they always say Im like a kid with playdough, so dang cheery. Hope you are well my friend, havent seen you about social media for a wee while. Hugs. xx

    • Hello Beautiful Anna!!
      LOL! Getting to go out to eat with you would be a special treat. Food, friends and good conversation is what dinner should all be about.
      Thank you for your comments, dearie. 🙂 This past week has been tremendously busy with many challenging obstacles. Between trying to meet tight deadlines, failed internet connection, and not being able to access my client files on my external drive…OMG. THANK GOD for a brand new week. 🙂 Hope you have a terrific one! Much love to you. xo

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